Ruma Quickstart Incoming & Upcoming Cons

I am pleased to say that a quickstart version of Ruma is in the works and should be ready in a few days. The plan is to post the quicktstart in PDF format for free at It will contain the basic rules, several pre-generated characters, and a short sandbox style adventure. I am also

The Daunting Task of Running a Kickstarter

I plan on running a Kickstarter campaign for the Ruma: Dawn of Empire RPG. Target dates rights now are to start Tuesday, May 2nd, and run for 35 days through Tuesday, June 6th. Why 35 days? Because Jamie Stegmaier of Stonemaier Games says so. OK, that’s not a great reason, but it is one of

What a week at the GAMA Trade Show

The 2017 GAMA Trade Show, a convention for the hobby games industry, was this past week in Las Vegas. I was fortunate enough to attend. Not trying to brag here, but I did want to share my experience. I spent much of Monday attending panels focused on game design. Topics from IP protection to building

Announcing Ruma: Dawn of Empire RPG

We are hard at work on our first game, called Ruma: Dawn of Empire. The game is a tabletop role playing game set during an alternate Roman empire in which magic and mythology are real. The game is powered by the awesome Apocalypse Engine created by D. Vincent Baker and Meguey Baker. Players take on

Welcome to Azure Keep

Thank you for finding Azure Keep on the Internet. We are happy to be here and strive to create some great games for you to play.