Funded & Unlocking Stretch Goals

Well then. Looks like this site is being neglected with the current Kickstarter. The campaign for Ruma: Dawn of Empire launched on May 2nd. We funded pretty quickly thanks to some great supporters. Much appreciated!

The campaign runs for another 16 days and we are unlocking new stretch goals as we go. So far we have added the Decanus and Praedo playbooks, and the Cults of Artemis and Vulcan, along with additional artwork that is being commissioned for the book.

We are just shy of 150%, at which point we will add the Cult of Hecate, also known as Trivia. From there a pair of new playbooks will be added to the game, the Equite (at 165%) and Architectus (180%), before the big stretch goal at 250%, an anthology of stories inspired by Greek and Roman mythology. I really hope we unlock this since I can’t wait to share some great stories from awesome authors with you.

Here is the link to the Kickstarter campaign again:

Thanks again for everyone’s support.

Until next time…

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