RPG Progress and Tales of Ruma

Wow. No posts for over two months. That’s pretty pathetic. Time for an update.

The writing for Ruma: Dawn of Empire is nearly complete. Just waiting on a few final backer contributions and a couple more entries in the world chapter. Layout work has begun and surveys have been sent to all backers so we can add their names to the thank you section of the book. The map for the world of Ruma is also underway. We’ll have a preview to post soon. We hope to deliver both the PDF and 6″x9″ physical copies of the game before the initial shipment date of December 2017 and are currently on track to do so.

Work has started on the Tales of Ruma anthology, which will contain stories inspired by Greek and Roman mythology, some of which are set in the world of Ruma. Submission requirements and additional details can be found here.

Until next time.

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